Sinopsis Broken Vow episode 1-25

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Episode 1
Robert Sebastian  is son of a very rich family in their place. He is also a councilor. During a gathering, he announced how happy he became when he met a beautiful and loving woman. And that is none other than Melissa Santiago . He then went down on stage and approached Melissa. Everybody was very happy; teasing the two of them. Robert proposed to Melissa. He wanted to get married to her as soon as possible for she is the apple of his eyes. On her way home, Melissa was very happy sharing the good news to her mother, Amor Santiago (Melissa Mendez). Melissa was very happy sharing to her mother Amor the news. But she then noticed that her mother was not even showing gladness. Melissa asked Amor about her opinion about it. Amor is just worried about their status. She knows that the Sebastian family is very known and rich. She could not imagine that a councilor would marry a woman from a poor family and the parents are not having a good job. Melissa explained that Robert is not like that. On the other hand, Robert was also asked by his mother, Rosanna Sebastian (Carmi Martin). She asked him why he made that proposal in public. Robert told her that he loves her very much and that he wanted to be with her as soon as possible. Rosann told him that he should have chosen a better woman compared to Melissa. Melissa is just a daughter of a couple who sells pig. She wants him to chose a woman like his former girlfriend, Rebecca Sta. Maria .

Episode 2
Melissa Santiago  was talking on the phone with Robert Sebastian  when suddenly men approached her and kidnapped her. Robert heard what had just happened. He was already screaming for the name of Melissa but he could not receive any feedbacks. The mobile was left at the place where Melissa was abducted. Melissa was raped by a group of men. After the incident, Melissa was found lying in the street. She was then rushed to the hospital. Melissa’s mother, Amor Santiago was crying about what had happened to her daughter. What happened to Melissa became sensational. Melissa was crying so hard. She could not believe what to what had happened to her. She hoped that she died. She did not like what happened to her. Amor then went to comfort her daughter. She knows that Melissa is undergoing trauma. She could not imagine how life of Melissa would be. All that time, what Melissa was thinking was Robert. She could not face im anymore. Their wedding is approaching but she could not stand marrying him since she is not pure anymore. Meanwhile, Robert has instructed the police to look for the men who did that to his fiancé. He wants them to be finished.

Episode 3   
The Police officers were already at the hospital to investigate about the incident. Robert Sebastian  was there at the bedside of Melissa Santiago  Melissa was silent. Her eyes were filled with tears. But she did not utter any word. Robert then begged her and told Melissa to tell him what had happened. He wanted her to talk so that the case would already have a path. Robert then told her to tell it to him. So, Melissa started sharing what had happened that night. She started with the information why she was in that area. She told him how the men abused her and molested her. She remembered everything. Melissa then said that she woke up in a motel room and somebody raped her. Robert was holding back his tears. He could not bear hearing what had happened to his fiancé. The police then thanked her for the information that she had shared. At least they could now start their investigation. When Robert has been already back in their house, he was very emotional. He could not accept that he did not do anything to protect his fiancé. His father, Mayor Lucio Sebastian (Juan Rodrigo) then confronted his son and told him that there are some circumstances that they could not get hold of. And what had just happened is one of those events.

Episode 4  
The wedding of Robert Sebastian  wand Melissa Santiago  would still push through even if she was raped. The friend of Rebecca Sta. Maria  was teasing her why she kept on following Robert. She noticed that Robert would still push through with the wedding with Melissa. Rebecca would not mind what would happen. All she wants to do is to try her best to tease and tempt Robert. She then called on Robert and told him to meet up with her. Rebecca wants to give her best no matter what would happen. Meanwhile, Melissa was not feeling well. She feels that there is something wrong with her. She then went to the obstetrician to have her self checked. While waiting, she was hoping that she is not pregnant and that she is only having air in her stomach. Her obstetrician then came and told her about the result of her pregnancy test. The obstetrician then said that she is pregnant. Melissa did not know what to feel. She did not want to carry the child of the man who raped her. She wanted to die. She is not know what to tell Robert about their situation.

Episode 11   
Melissa Santiago (Bianca King) is still hoping that her case would still be resolved. She is waiting that the suspect who had done her worst would pay for that immoral act they did to her. Felix Rastro  is still waiting when Melissa would give him a chance. Felix is very serious about his proposal to Melissa but Melissa is the one who does not want to have a commitment to him. She does not want to have a commitment to anybody. She is still hurting from the time that former fiancé, Robert Sebastian , left her. Melissa was then asked by her daughter about her father. The child is curious what her father looks like because she had not seen him even in pictures. Melissa then explained that her husband died before she gave birth to her. And they are not used to taking pictures. One day, Melissa met an old friend. That guy is also a common friend of Robert. She asked how Robert was but the guy told her that he had not heard from him ever since he went to the United States. When the guy left together with his wife, Melissa felt something strange from her inside. She was curious why she was feeling that way. On the birthday celebration of the daughter of Melissa, Felix was also there to celebrate with them. He stands as the godfather of the child. But the child wanted more. She told Felix that she wants him to become her father.Melissa heard wht her daughter asked from Felix.

Episode 13  
Melissa Santiago is still afraid to get into a relationship. She explained it to Felix Rastro  that she had been into a very painful situation. She can bear those painful experiences but she could not take that somebody else would be experiencing the same as hers. This time she is not alone anymore. She already has Eva in her life. SHe does not want that her daughter would be experiencing her pain. Meanwhile, Robert Sebastian  is already back in the Philippines. He shared with his friend that he had been away in the country for five years but never in his mind that Melissa was removed. He kept on remembering her. And she knows that he still has feelings for her. Meanwhile, Felix had already told his mother, Ofelia  that he really loves Melissa so much. He is willing to give up everything just for her. And because of that he is willing to give up the good life he is having. And he would also give up his current position in the company. Dona Ofelia had realized how much her son loves that Melissa. Her son, felix, is willing to give up everything jus for her.

Episode 14   
Felix Rastro  told Melissa Santiago  how he loves her. He is willing to give up everything for her. Melissa told him that she is not yet ready to commit. She could not dare hurt the feelings of Donya Ofelia . Melissa had known that Donya Ofelia is against the idea of his son. Donya Ofelia would not want her son to marry a disgraceful woman like her. She is also not from a rich family. Melissa knows that every mother wants the best for her child. She, too, is a mother. She is already feeling that way for her daughter, Eva. Melissa would not want to undergo the same again. She had been hurt already. What fears Melissa is that Donya Ofelia could not accept her already, how much more if the old woman would know about her as a rape victim. But later on, Melissa had accepted the love that Felix is giving. They kissed under the rain and hugged each other. Felix was very happy that Melissa had already accepted him. The following day, Felix presented little Eva a gift. The child was very happy the Lord had already answered her prayers. She is already happy for she will have a happy family.

Episode 15  
Eva is very happy that Felix Rastro  would already become officially her father. She had wished this on her birthday. Meanwhile, Melissa Santiago  is already happy with her life not until when she gets a moment to meet again Robert Sebastian. Robert is Melissa’s first love and heartache. Her focus is in disequilibrium seeing him again. But Melissa had already placed in her mind that Robert is already married. She should not hope for his love anymore. But behind Robert’s mind, he wanted to get Melissa back no matter what happens. One day, Robert got a chance to visit Melissa in her house. Melissa was not there. But he saw a child that almost fell down. He helped the lovely young child. Little Eva then thanked the man who had saved from hurting herself. She then called him her angel. Eva then shared with Felix the man she met that day. She tells her Daddy Felix that the man named Robert is a very good man. And he is now her new Guardian Angel just like him (Felix). Felix and Melissa were just staring at each other. They could not share with the child that the man he met is the man who had hurt her mother so deeply.

Episode 16 
Felix Rastro is already very busy preparing for his wedding with Melissa Santiago. He then showed to Melissa the picture of the house they will be living in after they got married. Melissa suddenly keeps quiet. She remembers the time when she and Robert Sebastian  was about to get married. Robert also showed her the house they were supposed to be living at after. Meanwhile, Robert keeps on following Melissa. Melissa was already annoyed by his actions. She then reminded him that he is already married. Melissa does not want to make any presumptions. She then told him that the present and the past are very different. But Robert is very decided to have her back. He came back here in the Philippines for her. And he does not want to lose her again. Meanwhile, Eva Santiago  had mentioned to her godfather, Felix, about his new friend which happens to be a friend of her mother also. She is wondering how lucky would be the daughter of her Tito Robert. Felix was surprised by the name of the guy. He asked her again about that Robert. The child explained to him how did they met. Felix confronted Melissa and asked her why she did not tell him that Robert is again being shown up in her life. He did not know that the two were already talking. He is afraid in his status because he knows that Melissa loves Robert so much.

Episode 17  
It was already the day that Felix Rastro  is waiting. But his mother, Donya Ofelia Rastro , is very sad. She could not believe that her little boy is getting married. She still remembers the day that she used to take good care of him. Felix then told her that there is nothing she should worry about. Melissa Santiago (Bianca King) is a very good woman and she would make a good wife. Meanwhile at the church, everybody is waiting for the bride to arrive. Dona Ofelia is already tensed because she has a feeling that Melissa would not come. But Felix is very strong on his belief not unless Roberto Sebastian  is again on the scene. Felix then asked the close friend of Melissa, Amy about the whereabouts of Melissa. Amy told him that she did not pass by Melissa. She was too excited to see the venue and had told her to see her friend at the church on her wedding dress. Meanwhile the ideas of Felix were right. The bridal car of Melissa was blocked by Roberto. He was there begging from Melissa not to go to her wedding. But Melissa told him that she wanted to have a new life but she would start it with Felix. She would not dare sacrifice the man who truly loves her. Robert showed her papers. Those papers are their way out from that situation. Robert is also willing to bring Eva Santiago  with them.

Episode 18  
Roberto Sebastian  was very hurt watching his first love get married. He promised to himself that he would do things that would make Melissa Santiago  happy. After the wedding, the couple directly went to their suite. Felix Rastro  was very happy because he already has Mrs. Melissa Rastro with him. He told her again the promises that he had already told her. Whne they were about to make love, Melissa suddenly shouted. Memories from the past then came again in the mind of Melissa. She told Felix that she could still remember the event that she was raped. Felix understood how painful it was for Melissa. Years had already passed and still the case was not yet solved. Meanwhile, Roberto was waiting for the private investigator that he hired. HE was already very impatient. He wants to have results. He wanted to have an information to tell to Melissa. He has to so that he could again connect with Melissa. The private investigator then told him that he already got news about the rapist of Ms. Melissa Santiago. After hearing everything and getting the documents presented by the investigator, Roberto then went to the house where the new couples were staying.

Episode 19 
Melissa Rastro  went to the police station together with her husband, Felix Rastro, and Roberto Sebastian . She was very eager to see the arrested suspect who raped her. Melissa then told Michael Pascual  that she is going to look at the suspect who raped her. But Felix then told her that she does not have to do that. Melissa told him that she had suffered five years of her life because of that incident. So, she wanted to see the man and check if it is really him. Meanwhile, Eva Santiago  then talked with Felix and tol him that she wished that he was her real father. Felix then told the child he is really her real father. Felix had aslo witnessed Eva talks with her mother, Melissa, telling that she is also with the man who had hurt her. She would also hate the persons who would be hurting her. After meeting the man, Melissa shouted at the man and told him how he ruined her life. The man was surprised by what Melissa was telling her. He was for sure had not met her. But Melissa was already brought about by her emotions and pushed the police officer and got his gun. Melissa pointed thegun at the face of the arrested suspect.

Episode 22  
Rebecca Sta. Maria- Sebastian  came back in the Philippines to follow after her husband, Roberto Sebastian . When she arrives, she had seen what her husband had been doing with his life. Roberto is more focusing on his vices. Rebecca then went in the master’s bedroom and cleaned all the mess. She was already complaining foe the things that had been happening. Roberto then came and was surprised seeing her in there. Rebecca then welcomed him with a complaint. Roberto thent told her that she should have done that over the phone and she could have saved the plane fare. Roberto told her that he is already used with her who is always complaining. She should have not followed him. Rebecca told him that she wanted to save their marriage. After hearing that, Roberto then told her that he only wanted space. He needs that so that he could survive in that in the kind of marriage they have. Rebecca was silent. She then approached Roberto and started to massage him gently. But Roberto was very aggressive. He went on top of her and started to undress her. Rebecca was shouting, but later on allowing Roberto to make his intentions. After doing their duty as husband and wife, Roberto went to the restroom and groomed himself. He then told Rebecca that he will be sleeping in the guest room. Rebecca was very mad. She was telling him that she was not a whore, wherein he (Roberto) would just use her whenever he wants to. Roberto did not listen to her. He went out without looking back at her. Rosanna Sebastian (Carmi Martin) came in and pampered her daughter- in- law.

Episode 23  
Eva Santiago  got some chocolates in the fridge. Donya Ofelia Rastro  was on her way to the kitchen when she saw the child eating the chocolate. Eva gave offered her the chocolate she was eating. Donya Ofelia then told her that the chocolate she is eatingis very expensive. Donya Ofelia then added that she would not take that chocolate because it came form her who is very dirty. She is dirty because she is a product of a wrong act. She is a daughter of a rapist. Eva was crying very hard. She walked out and went directly to her room. Melissa Santiago- Rastro  came and told her daughter that she has a present for her. Melissa was curious why Eva did not looked at her. When she checked on her, she was surprised seeing her daughter cry like that. Eva then asked her mother if she is dirty. She then told her that she was told that she was a daughter of a rapist. Eva cried and asked her mother what the meaning of a rapist is. Melissa then looked for Donya Ofelia. She told her that she wanted to talk to her about what had happened with Eva. Donya Ofelia answered her that she was busy. She would just reprimand the whoever that housemaid who hurt the feelings of the child. Melissa told her that Eva had already told her the truth; that she (Donya Ofelia) was the one who hurt the feelings of Eva.

Episode 25  
Roberto Sebastian  and his family were in the birthday party of a friend in politics. Roberto was called by the host to go to the stage since he would be running as Mayor for the next election. Roberto was very happy for the good things that his godfather had said about him. He then shared to everyone that he is also lucky that he is love by a woman. He then pointed at the direction where Melissa Santiago- Rastro  was sitting. She did not know that Mrs. Rosanna Sebastian (Carmi Martin) was at her back. Roberto then said the name of her mother. But he was actually looking at the direction of Melissa. Melissa knew that what Roberto meant in that speech has two meanings. When the party ended, Felix Rastro  and Melissa was on their way home, when Melissa remembered that she left her purse. She wnet back inside the venue and she found Roberto holding her purse. She then told Roberto to give to her but he wouldn’t. Melissa was starting to get annoyed. She really wanted to get her purse because Felix was waiting for her. She then told Roberto that her husband was waiting for her. But Roberto wanted to hear from her that she still loves him. Melissa told her that she admits that she had loved him before. bUt the situation that time is already very different. She is thankful that they broke up because she met the man who truly loves her.

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