New template for my blog..!!

Ting Tong..!! i have change my blog to new blog template..!! actually, i used simple template back then.. then i make a search about the differences simple and denim template.. most of the facts they said that denim template is more light than the simple template..well when i compare the html code in simple template and denim template, it seems denim template is much more easier to understand..! and for certain people that love to edit their blogskin to make it cute..denim template is the perfect template..!! it's easy to edit its html code..

Actually, i am so sad to leave my simple template that i have edit for such a long took me weeks to edit it. But when i saw many blog have use denim template, so i also want to try that template...And this new look of my blog right now, i made it kind of same with my simple template..(what make the two template different is just the type of template) is the SPM result..!! yeeaaahhhh im so happy..!! hahahahaaa I'm just happy for those who will get their result by's not me taking the result...mine was already past for 8 years ago...Refresh back my memory back then, i was so nervous when i came to school to take my SPM result..I'm sure who ever take their result by today must feel the same with me too..Well hope for best for you all..! i want to log out..!! gonna watch All About Eve at ntv7 now..! baaaaiiiii..:-)

Attuuukkooii..! panat boh gia menaip entri ni..:-)

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