cuti-cuti @ Papar- part 1

oh my...what a great vacation at papar..:-) actually my love pulang sabah hari tu 6/8..then dia bawa sa bercuti2 di papar..haha JUMPA NGAN FAMILY NYA... mmg NERVOUS sgt2..bukan stakat jumpa...siap tinggal di rumah family nya lagi...haha betul2 nerves sgt ne...

i went there on 8/8...took a bus to kk then i wait him at wawasan plaza...i still remember he wear an orange shirt came to pick me up...:-) i was sooooooooo happy to see him. All this time we were far from each other...about 1 and half year i almost didn't see him close to me...but that day i saw him in front of me i was like.. "is this real?he stand in front of me?it's not a dream?"...he was really in front of me...i just SMILE when i saw him...i like that feeling..:-) after that he took me to his house at papar... when i arrived at his house, i saw his father and his mother...his father cried as soon as he saw me when my love introduced me to him. well he was touched i guess because his grown up boy brought a girl to introduced to the family for the first time...:-) and so i shake his hand. then i hug fred's mother with a smile. everything went well but there was a time i felt so nervous when i having a citchat with fred's parent. then fred's sisters came to home after work. oh yeah forgot to tell he also have small little newphew named GARY and three little nieces.. they were so cuteeee....!

At that night, we were having a big dinner where fred's brothers came to house and others relatives. i was so surprised to see his brothers because it was my first time to meet them. so FIRST IMPRESSION IS IMPORTANT..!!!i must admit that on that night i was a bit nervous...seeing his family was really2 make me so speechless somehow...but i manage to control myself and everything went well.(i guess so...hehe) BUT the most thing that surprised me was he brought a cake...a beautiful cake just to celebrate our birthday...even though his birthday has just pass and so do mine, but he brought that cake and written our name and birth date...oh my..!!!i was so so so so surprised...:-)

Attuuukkooii..! panat boh gia menaip entri ni..:-)

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