it hurts me..!..(T_T)

guess what for today? i went to the pull out my tooth...and it really2 hurt me..!!!

my tooth that i mention just now was at the back left of the top first i arrived there with my mum because she also wanted to pull out her tooth. when i registered, suddenly my mum cannot make it because of certain reason for good. so there am i with the guts that i have facing that unforgetable moment...

after that i was called to get some anesthetics on my teeth in order to make my teeth easily to pull out. but then maybe it is their procedures but i can say that was really bullshit..!!! after that, i have to make payment and then waiting again to be called and get the tooth treatment. IT WAS ABOUT HALF HOUR...and the anesthetic that supposed to protect me from being hurt when i get the treatment was ALMOST GONE because of a long long wait...!!!!

so when i get the treatment...i felt so nervous...i can feel the doctor was so struggled to pull my teeth out...
and i can feel that energy because i can feel when she tried to grab my teeth and then hardly pull out.. that was the moment i can't hardly bear..i felt so hurt..!! i have to open my open mouth widely until i feel like it will ripped out...!! GOOSSHHH....i can't describe how i felt that moment...all i know is it was really really tough moment...:'(

Attuuukkooii..! panat boh gia menaip entri ni..:-)

what the hell...??? up-blogging againnn

i am so addicted to keep improving my blog...!! OMG...hahahaha i love blogging actually. i love to write anything even the silliest thing ever. i don't know maybe that's how i expressing my feelings. everyone have their own way to express their feelings right? so do i....

but for now i'm still awake...actually i'm kind of sleepy right now. my head keep pushing around my stomach i guess playing some songs (it means that i feel a lil bit hungry..T_T) my eyes keep looking at my pillows... aarrgghhh...

ever since i have the internet at home, i keep using it and somehow i surfing until the sun rise and then i go to take a nap. huhuhu...silly huh? but that's just me...i used to stay up a whole night just to study....finish my assignment...

ok...this gonna be sound so awkward...suddenly across my mind that i found a beautiful quote. "make time or make excuses...if you make time you'll find no excuses but if you make excuses you'll find no time..."(charlotte,2011). Actually i don't really know if this quote is exist already but it suddenly appear on my mind and i love it...even though it might be exist already but i'm still love to hear it. hahaha~

that's it..!!!i'm gonna sleep right now..i can't stand it anymore..i can't even thinking...i better stop now.
Good night...~  (-_-) zzzZZZZzzzZZzzzz

Attuuukkooii..! panat boh gia menaip entri ni..:-)

~my MP4~its damaged...!!!

today i found out my mp4 that i bought last sem has damaged...i'm soooo sad..depressed...i cry myself alone in a room while staring at my mp4..!! i love my mp4 so much..!!! i really feel so sad...i don't know how can my mp4 damaged?? ever since i come back home i never touch my mp4 but i know it still in a good condition when i came back to home because my little sis has used it for a while. BUT now when i want to use it...when i hold it and trying to turn it wouldn't turn on....i tried to recharge it but it won't charged.

i cried so hard 4 a little thing that i love...i really love my mp4...i bought it not just RM20 or RM30...its worth RM100++ ...its more than RM100...!!!!!!! that's why i really care so much my mp4..!!!

i want my mp4 backkk...!!!huhuhu... T__T

Attuuukkooii..! panat boh gia menaip entri ni..:-)

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