~my MP4~its damaged...!!!

today i found out my mp4 that i bought last sem has damaged...i'm soooo sad..depressed...i cry myself alone in a room while staring at my mp4..!! i love my mp4 so much..!!! i really feel so sad...i don't know how can my mp4 damaged?? ever since i come back home i never touch my mp4 but i know it still in a good condition when i came back to home because my little sis has used it for a while. BUT now when i want to use it...when i hold it and trying to turn it on..it wouldn't turn on....i tried to recharge it but it won't charged.

i cried so hard 4 a little thing that i love...i really love my mp4...i bought it not just RM20 or RM30...its worth RM100++ ...its more than RM100...!!!!!!! that's why i really care so much my mp4..!!!

i want my mp4 backkk...!!!huhuhu... T__T

Attuuukkooii..! panat boh gia menaip entri ni..:-)

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