New panda hamster..!

haalliiuuuuu...! kopisanangan doungosodop.! Hehe..

Well you know what yesterday i just bought a new hamster..!!! black and white color..!! ouuuwwww!! she is so adoreable just like PANDA..!!!!!! 


actually i bought the new hamster because i want to accompany the old hamster..which was bought about 2 month ago..actually i have not give her name yet..i just called her panda because the color of her fur..(i'm still thinking of her name..maybe momo?(sounds great?)
this is my little sister's hamster named GANMO..! She's so adorable when she hold her food with her tiny hands..!! hehe...

Oh my...after done bathing them yesterday, i clear them up. then i put them together in Ganmo's cage which is huge..(suitable for two hamster) first they seems fine.. Ganmo sometime become like a "police" when she always get close to my hamster and try to smell my hamster..but then maybe she discover that "there's new hamster in my cage..!! i must get rid of her..!!!" then they both end up in a fight..! so i pull out my hamster and put her in a aquarium which used to be the turtle's living place..i don't want them to encounter a fight because the reason i bought new hamster is because i want Ganmo have friend so that they can play together..but it turns out to be a serious fighting..! (what a pity to my hamster...) 
      *p/s = if you want to buy hamster, make sure buy two from the beginning..! if you only buy one and then next month buy another one, they will end up fighting because they don't each other and will feel threaten by the newest hamster..!

whatever it is, i love both hamster..Ganmo is my sister's pet and my hamster (still have not name yet) is my new pet..! i will find a better place for my hamster to stay..! oouuhhhh...i love my hamster so mucchhh..!!!

Attuuukkooii..! panat boh gia menaip entri ni..:-)

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